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Rowing 3000 Miles Across the Atlantic SOLO for The Menopause Charity December 2024

My 'Mumentous' Challenge

 In December this year, I'll be taking on the challenge of a lifetime to become the oldest female to row 3000 miles solo across the Atlantic at 59 years of age. From La Gomera in The Canaries to Antigua, rowing doesn't get tougher than this. However, the very hardest part comes before I even put an oar in the water - it's getting to the start iself...

Mel on Jack.jpg

The World's Toughest Row

Beginning annually each December from The Canaries across to Antigua, up to 40 teams sponsored by the generosity of individuals and businesses, race against each other, themselves and Mother Nature to achieve something wonderful and crazy to raise money for deserving causes. 

I'll be rowing for The Menopause Charity. 

challenge route.JPG

Making a Difference


It's all about making a difference in the world and knowing I've contributed in some way.

It's why I make beeswax wraps. 

It's why I've chosen this challenge to make a positive impact on the lives of the 15.5m women in the UK facing menopause. 

Although I'm rowing solo, paradoxically, I can't do it alone...can you help? 

Viv Photo Atlantic race.jpg
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