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3 reusable food wraps measuring 33cm/sq, 26cm/sq & 16cm/sq


Ideal to cover all eventualities in the kitchen.  


WRAP the large one over large bowls & dinner plates, large sandwiches & small loaves, halves of cauli/cabbage, loose salad leaves or spinach, or around pastry while leaving it to rest in the fridge, etc.

Use the medium one to cover bowls & keep cheese fresh.  

Use the small one to save halves of avocado, peppers, lemons as well as cover the ends of cucumber and squash. It will also cover a mug, tin, glass or ramekin. 

SEAL using the heat from your hands.

HANDWASH using mild soap (washing up liquid is not recommended) in cool water & air-dry on the drainer.

REFRESH in the oven on a lined baking tray at 100 degrees C (210 F) for 5 mins.

RE-USE with proper care for up to 12 months (or even more).


Suitable for use at ambient temperature, the fridge and the freezer. 


Store in a cool, dry place - the fridge is ideal.

Keep away from heat. 


Ingredients: 100% Oeko-Tex cotton, Beeswax, Damar Resin, Coconut Oil


Handmade in North Yorkshire from sustainable products. 


Packaged with recycled card and compostable certified EN13432 film bags made from vegetable starch.  


Pack weight 72g


Multi Pack Vintage Caravans

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